About SUBARU**

SUBARU is leading social insurance and labor law consulting firm in Tokyo, Japan, since 2012.
We are specialized in offering the full spectrum of legal solutions to temporary staffing agencies,
in accordance with the complex and strict law in the Japanese labor environment.
Furthermore, to meet foreign employer and workers’ needs and expectations,
we are extending legal consulting services to foreign temporary staffing agencies operating in Japan.
** SUBARU is Japanese name for “the Pleiades”, star cluster located in the constellation Taurus.

Temporary staffing business in Japan

For a human resource agency to engage in the temporary staffing and recruiting business in Japan,
a license from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) is mandatory.
Thereafter, the agency may be subject to periodic or irregular investigations, supervision,
and guidance by the Labor Bureau (an organization under MHLW).
It is required to comply with the "Worker Dispatch Act", "Employment Security Act" and
"Labor Standards Act" to develop a human resource business in Japan. Among them,
the "Worker Dispatch Act" is one of the most difficult to understand, because it is revised every few years.
In addition, when conducting the temporary staffing business in Japan, there are situations
where the legal rules and the actual operation differ.

Our services

Strong, strategic partnerships with our clients have always been fundamental to our business.
As such, our firm is regularly asked for advice on "how to deal with this in practice".
We provide practical advice on the unique Japanese labor dispatch system,
which differs from that in Europe and the United States.
“How to deal with strict investigative Labor Bureau?”
“How to explain Japanese labor laws to my headquarter office to have them understand?”
If you would like to get the right advice and learn more about the temporary staffing and
recruiting business in English, please contact your specialized labor consultant SUBARU.
We share our knowledge and our expertise, so that everyone understands what is important now and
what’s happening next in the Japanese labor environment and knows the best legal solution to respond.
We ensure to offer our clients, the services they required, in highest quality.

The team

香田 Shiro Koda (香田史朗) : Co-chairman
Worked in sales, labor and legal affairs for several temporary staffing agenciesin Japan for 21 years.
With that practical experience, provided labor consulting for foreign staffing business companies
for worker dispatch and placement at SUBARU from 2015.
Language --- Japanese (Native), English (Basic)
前川 Hiro Maekawa (前川博彦)
Grad from Keio University, joined NEC and contributed to huge revenues from semiconductor overseas marketing activities for 38 years.
Launched consulting firm in 2022, promoting interactive business among foreign and Japanese company. Partnered with SUBARU to support foreign temporary staffing agencies.
Language --- Japanese (Native), English (Advanced), Spanish (Elementary)